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Lore and Saga. Living History for Schools,Museums and Heritage Sites
Waylandscape. Landscape Photography by Gary Waidson
Ravenlore. Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills
Black Bart's Locker. Piratical Education Services
Ice Raven. Sub Zero Adventure
Viking Visits. Specialist in Viking school visits and workshops for key stage two.
Photo Expeditions - Extraordinary Journeys and Photographic Tours

Lore and Saga

Living History Services for Schools, Museums and Heritage Sites.



Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills.



Fine Art Landscape Photography of Gary Waidson.


Ice Raven

Sub Zero Adventure


Black Bart’s Locker

Pirate Living History services for Schools.


Photo Expeditions

Extraordinary Journeys and Photographic Tours.


Viking Visits

Specialist in Educational Viking Presentations for Schools.


Wayland’s World is a gateway to the living history, educational, landscape photography and bushcraft sites of Gary Waidson ( also known as Wayland ). Lore and Saga deals with Viking, Saxon, Roman and Celtic living history and school visits while Black Bart’s Locker is a site dedicated to Pirate education services for schools. Ravenlore presents bushcraft and wilderness living skills, techniques and tutorials with Ice Raven specialising in Arctic travel and skills. Waylandscape is a gallery and portfolio of the fine art landscape photography of Gary Waidson.

This site is your gateway to Viking, Saxon, Roman and Pirate living history services offered by Gary Waidson (Wayland). Offering school visits and presentations as a Viking, Roman or Pirate, Lore and Saga has been at the forefront of living history education services for over a decade. Working with teachers in their own schools across the North of England our school talks and craft days have presented Viking and Roman daily life to over 50,000 school children.

Ravenlore bushcraft and wilderness skills also offers resources and information about bushcraft, wild camping and living in harmony with the wilderness. Low impact camping and bushcraft skills can be used to improve your equipment load when backpacking and also reduce your environmental footprint on the landscape. Gary Waidson, also known as Wayland, shows how bushcraft can make you trip to the wilderness a comfortable and pleasurable experience with minimal effort. Ice Raven is it’s sister site concentrating on Winter bushcraft, travel and wilderness skills.

In the course of travelling through Britain and Scandinavia involved in living history and bushcraft presentations Wayland has also been uniquely well placed to photograph such wonderful locations and landscapes. Now Waylandscape presents these fine art landscapes for your viewing pleasure. Explore the landscapes of England, Scotland, Wales and Norway through the beautiful photography of Gary Waidson.